Smart Trailer Features

We have taken the needs of the user and combined them into a tiny house trailer that is customisable and flexible for you in a way that is easy.

Dimensions that you customise

The majority of the NZ market wants two widths and different lengths. We have you covered with widths of 2.4m or 3m. Lengths start at 4.8m, 5.4m, 6m, 6.6m, 7.2m & 7.8m. Every 0.6m is you designed around standard building materials. For example most sheet products are 1.2m meaning you will have less waste and save time cutting, reducing your costs. 


Adjustable Wheel Assembly

Not sure where the centre of gravity is on your house. Or want to have the ability to free style your build as you go and not worry about axle placement. We have the solution with a wheel assembly that is adjustable forward and back to ensure you have the correct weight on the vehicle tow bar for safe towing. 


We treat trailers as house foundations and you only get one shot at getting it right. We build trailers strong but without unnecessary weight. We use PFC 125 (channel) longitudinally and for the draw bar also. The trailer has been analysed by and independent structural engineer so you know its not going to break. 

Use choose your options

Don't need a jockey wheel, so don't select one. Want a trailer with no suspension or brakes. Smart trailer come in two types, road and site. You choose the options you want in the shop. 


Detach the trailer form the house

Do you want to be able to remove the trailer from the house? The wheel dolly and draw bar assembly simply unbolt from the trailer chassis. This gives the option of get a warrant of fitness (WOF) without taking the complete house or carry out maintenance simply. Or you could use this trailer to get building materials while the chassis is up in the air blocks during the build.

Don't build you house on freezing cold steel 

You know what its like to touch steel on a cold day, so why would you build a floor direct on it. Steel conducts approx 350 times better than pine timber meaning the cold will travel straight up though into your house. We use timber and insulation to keep you warmer in winter and colder in summer reducing your energy bills.  


We build things to last. We use NZ sourced steel and hot dip galvanise it, giving it the best possible protection to last.