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Smart Tiny House Trailer




Customise your Sizes - Length and Width

The majority of the NZ market wants two widths and different lengths. We have you covered with widths of 2.4m or 3m. Lengths we offer 4.8m, 5.4m, 6m, 6.6m, 7.2m & 7.8m. Intervals of 0.6m are designed around standard building materials. For example most sheet products are 1.2m meaning you will have less waste and save time cutting, thus reducing your costs. 


Choose your Options - Running Gear

We use a removable dolly that carries the wheel assembly and mudguards in three options. Plus offer a less flexible but less expensive direct fix option.


Choose your Accessories

Our 'Smart Trailer' comes in two versions, Road and Site. Each version is adaptable and can be customised to your needs through a variety of accessories. Don't need a jockey wheel? So don't select one. Want a trailer with no suspension or brakes? Choose the accessories you want here




Detachable Trailer

Do you want to be able to remove the house from the trailer? The wheel dolly and draw bar assembly simply unbolt from the trailer chassis. This gives you the ability to obtain a warrant of fitness (WOF) without having to take your tiny house to the testing station, it also makes it easy to carry out maintenance simply. An added bonus - you could use this trailer to pick up building materials while the house is suspended during the build.




Low Floor Height

We recess the low profile wheels into the subfloor to ensure the final height of the floor is as low as possible. This maximises the height of the house but still achieves the minimum 1.3 floor R value. The easy to build on flat deck sits at approx 600mm from the ground to the top of the wooden deck.



Adjustable Wheel Dolly

Not sure where the center of gravity is on your house? Or want to have the ability to free style your build as you go and not worry about axle placement? We have the solution with a wheel dolly that is adjustable forward and back to ensure you have the correct weight on the vehicle tow bar for safe towing. 


Thermal Subfloor

You know what it's like to touch steel on a cold day, so why would you build your floor directly on it? Steel conducts approx 350 times better than pine timber meaning the cold will travel straight up and into your home if building directly on steel. We use timber and insulation to keep you warmer in winter and cooler in summer, this also reduces your energy bills.  


Lifting and Tie Down Accessories 

  • The mount is used to attach the jack or the lifting arm.

  • The jack is used to lift the house in four places enabling you to be able to remove the dolly and draw bar assembly.

  • The lifting arm is used to lift the house onto a truck or site. Additionally the lifting arm can be used to tie down the house once on site or during transportation.




Quality Assurance



We treat trailers as house foundations and you only get one shot at getting it right. We build trailers strong but without unnecessary weight. The trailer has been analysed by an independent structural engineer so you know it's not going to break.  



We build things to last. We use NZ sourced steel and hot dip galvanise, giving it the best possible protection to last. Let's face it who wants to do trailer repairs with a house on top? Welding is done by a experienced certified welder.

Trailer Components

We have teamed up with who we feel is the leading trailer supplier in NZ Trailequip. They supply only quality products and are always innovating and improving.


Configure your Trailer

Everyone's needs are different so we have two trailer versions. The 'Smart Road Trailer' and the 'Smart Site Trailer'. Click product images below to create and price your trailer.

Smart Road Trailer
from 10,000.00
Smart Site Trailer
from 8,000.00

Smart Road Trailer

The 3.5T rated Smart Road Trailer is designed to be road legal and is suitable for occasional to regular travel. Comes with brakes, controller, suspension, lights, plus rego and WOF.  Available in a range of lengths at 2.4m or 3m wide. 


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Smart Site Trailer 

The Smart Site Trailer is designed to be transported to site via truck and better suited to being moved sometimes to rarely. This trailer allows you to save on costs with no suspension, lights, brakes, controller, wof or rego, however if you do want some or all of these you can, just enquire. Available in a range of lengths at 2.4m or 3m wide, see our blog for more info on trailer legalities. 


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Click product images below to add accessories to your trailer.



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