Tiny House Trailer - Nils

Container tiny house trailer

Tiny House Trailer - Nils

Want your tiny house trailer to do more than just carry a tiny house? Introducing the road legal ‘Nils’ tiny house trailer that can transport a 20 foot container behind a capable towing vehicle. Imagine moving your tiny house and heading back to pickup your container with other possessions using the same trailer, think of the money you could save. Our lifting jack mounts can be welded to a container to aid lifting and so you can place the trailer underneath.

  • 2.4m x 8m deck size not including the draw bar

  • Rated to 3.5 tonne GVM (empty 20 foot containers weight approx 2.2 tonne)

  • Approx trailer weight 850Kg

  • Height from ground to top of chassis 820mm

  • Wheel dolly and draw bar can be disconnected to form a mini trailer for other jobs, wof or maintenance. See our smart trailer for more info on these features.

  • Triple axle, leaf equalising suspension, with front two axles braked

  • Electric brakes with hard wired controller plus handbrake (can upgrade to wireless controller)

  • Four container locks to secure container in place

  • Galvanised for longevity

  • Tie down points under chassis to secure loads

  • Use the container locks to secure your tiny house via subfloor. We can construct your sub floor also, please enquire

  • Lights - mounted via removable light bar.

  • Rego 1 year, WOF 3 years

If using the two front wheel dolly mounting points it is important to note that they do not comply with the NZTA 4m rear overhang rule while travelling on NZ roads. This trailer can be customised to suit your requirements, please enquire. Prices include GST.

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Warranty & Responsibility

  • We back what we build so offer a 1.5 year parts warranty and 2 years on steel work.

  • Trailers are rated to a gross vehicle mass (GVM) which includes the total weight of the trailer, house, accessories and cargo indicated on the trailer name badge.

  • It’s owner responsibility to ensure proper weight distribution when towing a trailer. Our drawbars are rated to 10% of the total trailer/load weight e.g. total weight of 3.5t equals 350kg on the vehicle tow bar.

Tiny House Trailers Legalities

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