Smart Trailer - Plus

Smart Trailer - Plus

from 13,800.00

The ‘Smart Trailer Plus’ has all the same features as the other smart models but the steel members are beefed up for larger format houses. Lengths range from 8.4m to 10.8m across the standard width range 2.4m, 2.7m & 3m. Trailer is rated to 3.5T with axle set rated at 4.5T. Due to the size of the deck this model is professionally etched primed and painted matt black and the dolly and drawbar galv dipped. To distribute load better due to 4m rear overhung rule we use a triple axle wheel dolly on all Plus trailers. The mud guards sit level with the top of the deck unlike other models.

  • Brakes - electric two forward axles and free wheeling third.

  • Brake controller - hard wired standard (or wireless as upgrade option)

  • Suspension - equalising triple leaf suspension for a smooth ride and reduces wear and tear.

  • Lights - mounted via removable light bar.

  • Rego 1 year, WOF 3 years.

  • 600mm approx. height from ground to top of deck.

  • Lifting mounting is included (if you require lifting jacks add as an accessory)

Stated lengths refer to deck length excluding the drawbar. The 3m wide trailer measures 2.95m wide in reality, giving clearance of 75mm each side for the maximum width of 3.1m

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