Wiring up your Tiny House Electrical System

In this blog we will show you whats involved regarding wiring up your tiny house electrical system. Most will leave this job solely to the professionals. There are some benefits of doing the donkey work yourself under the supervision of a registered electrician. A lot can be learnt by doing anything yourself and wiring is definitely one of these jobs. By working along side an electrician and doing a lot of the labour yourself you can save a substantial amount of money.

In the video below we will go though the following:

  • How to run wire and conduit.

  • Explain wire size and descriptions.

  • Separation between low and high voltage circuits.

  • Using multi strand wire in a caravan or mobile home.

  • Using the NZ wiring standards 'ASNZS 3000-2007 Wiring Rules' and 'ASNZS 3001-2001 Relocatable premises'

  • Protect TPS cable from polyurethane foam.

  • Methods to secure cable.

  • Protect wire from lining fixings with strike plates.

  • Installing flush mount boxes.

  • LED strip lighting.

  • How to order and use wire from a electrical wholesaler.

  • Show isolation switch, RCD and circuit breakers.

  • Distribution board or fuse box install.

  • How to connect a caravan plug to you tiny house.

  • What supply cable to use for your tiny house.

  • Why to earth a mobile house chassis.

Hope the video helps you guys. Remember always be safe and understand what you are doing. Thanks to

Corys Electrical


Mitre 10

for material supply. Feel free to ask any questions below.