Design is key in a tiny space

Designing for a tiny space challenges you to think and rethink every design detail. With an aim to make everything functional, beautiful and sustainable. I think the key is to design things with more than one use. For example a seat that transforms into a bed or coffee table that serves as a dining table.

To give everyone a better idea of what I am thinking I have put together a few examples that are inspiring me at the moment. If you want to see more and follow my ideas check out my


Beers on the deck

Nice natural timber finish, with gable roof

The cladding has been painstakingly made from used shipping pallets by dismantling, cutting and planing to size, staining and coating.

Contemporary design - notice no wheels in sight

Very modern but fits well in its environment

Very simple design, incorporating interesting stairs

Think about not having to put your dishes away after they have drip dried

Small but simple kitchen. Notice knifes presented on magnets, close to hand and easy to keep track of. 

Simple wet room with wooden floors

Routed plywood with items used to add colour

Open bedroom