Tiny House Trailer - Caley

Tiny House Trailer - Caley

from 5,400.00

The Caley tiny house trailer is super simple, light and inexpensive. Tandem fixed axles rated to 3.5 tonne on low profile wheels to maximise house height. The addition of a simple insulated subfloor will get your house off to a great start. The hot dipped galvanised trailer disconnects from the sub chassis via bolts which gives you options.

  • Height from ground 550mm

  • Rated to 3.5 tonne

  • Approx weight 550 Kg

  • Sub chassis width 1.8m, wheel width 2.4m

  • Lengths refer to sub chassis length and don’t include the draw bar.

  • No wof, rego, brakes or lights

Prices include GST.

Length (m):
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