Storage Solutions for a Tiny Kitchen

Designing for a small/tiny kitchen can be challenging, but done right it can save a lot of time and hassle in the long run. The idea is to have items that are always used close to hand to reduce time and energy in finding them. My

current kitchen design

is U shaped and small meaning everything can be reached by pivoting in the center and not having to walk. With a bit of thought a small space can be used to work in your favour. Here are seven ideas that can be used in any kitchen. 

Space under your cabinets

 - fix lids to the bottom of your cabinets and screw jars in - just like wood work class.

Add shelving anywhere you can

- When space is at a minimum, you have to make the most of whatever you can find. That will likely mean adding shelving or a hanging cabinet to spaces that might otherwise go unused.

Hang pots and pans

- spaces cupboard space be hanging vertically. Hung near cook top to save time. Can be hung straight after washing and dipped dried to save time and hassle. Can be made into a feature with the right pots and pans.

Make use of cabinet doors

- The inside of your cabinet doors are a woefully underused resource. Use them for storing spices or small kitchen utensils to free up even more space for larger items.

Use narrow spaces

- Think narrow spaces should be boarded up - think again. One example is a roll out pantry. The beauty here is everything can be quickly viewed and is easy to access.

Organize in tiers

- A simple and inexpensive addition, risers in your cabinets will not only make use of the vertical space on your shelves, but they'll help you know what you already have and avoid buying duplicates.

Add a cart

- If you have more space near your oven than you do in your pantry, keep a rolling cart with all your essential items at hand. You can move it around to wherever you're cooking or stash it away when you have guests over and need more floor space.