Tiny House Trailer Plans - Basic

  • Designed for a house of 7.2m by 3.1m. (enquire if dimensions need tweaking)

  • Lightweight at under 450 kg.

  • Rated to carry 3.5 tonne including trailer.

  • Designed in two sections so house can be disconnected from trailer.

  • Four pull out lifting arms so whole house and trailer can be picked up by hiab truck and transported with ease.

  • Cost under $3000 in materials, see our project costs page.

  • Designed to be galvanized with all venting and drain holes detailed in plans. Alternatively it could be painted.

  • House width can easily be adjusted from 2.4m to 3.1m.

  • Wheels sit under floor, meaning no wheels arches in living area.

  • Fully detailed plans for fabricator or DIY.

  • Trailer deck height 530mm from ground.

  • Floor joists connected to trailer via a series of screws. (Detailed in plans)

  • Requires use of common and readily sourced components.

  • Steel sizes are common and easily sourced.

This is a simple, lightweight and cheap design that can produced by a seasoned fabricator or constructed by a backyard DIYer.

You will get instant access to all full drawings plus bill off materials (BOM). All the plans are supported by our youtube build videos. Also if you have any questions we are here to help.

Custom design service available here or we can build a smart trailer for you. 


Tiny House Trailer Plans - Basic

PDF of basic trailer plans

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